tablet screen repair

One of the most commonly damaged components on a tablet is the tablet screen. Many times the damage is caused by a dropped device or something dropped onto the device screen.

It’s important to know how the damage occurred, not just what was damaged. If a tablet gets dropped on its corner, many times the screen and/or digitizer will get cracked. If dropped on its corner, the frame is frequently bent at the same time. If this happens, a screen replacement often will not solve the problem since a new screen will not sit flush on the tablet frame. The purchase of a new tablet is recommended if this happens.

If something gets dropped onto your tablet, cracking the screen, you can usually replace the screen and be back in business. iPod touch or iPhone screen with their digitizer can be bought on eBay for under $20 in a complete screen repair kit. If the tablet is a less expensive, off-brand tablet, it’s generally quicker and cheaper to buy a used model online or from a friend. With a more expensive tablet such as the higher end Nexus or Note, replacing the screen is usually a cheaper option.

The main thing to remember about replacing a cracked tablet screen is to pay close attention to how you disassemble the device. the circuitry and wiring is very fine and can easily be damaged if metal tools are used. This author recommends plastic prying tools since there is less of a chance of scratching the new tablet screen as you install it.

2 thoughts on “tablet screen repair

  1. mack Cleveland

    I have a trio stealth 2 I cracked the glass on my tablet I wanted to know if it can be fixed

  2. james malagese

    I need a screen for an CONTIXO LR102 CANT SEEM TO FIND ANY…


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