Tablet Repair Tools

Updated Oct 1 2016!  Here are some links to the tools you may need to repair your Android or Apple tablet.  Updated Oct 1 2016!

Tools and Kits Under $10 | Tool and Kits Under $20 | Professional Sets

Tablet Repair Tools Under $10

These tool kits aren't very expensive, but should last for one or two repairs of your iPhone / Galaxy / iPad or Nexus. If you're looking to repair tablets or phones for a side business or for a living, you'll want to get a nicer set, but for the occasional repair these should do fine.

Tool KitDescriptionPicture
Vastar 14 Piece Tool Kit14 piece set of repair tools for tablets and phones. Includes 5 nylon prying tools, vinyl wide board, Ultra-thin steel pry tool, stainless steel spatula or scraper & electro static discharge tweezers. Suction cup for screen removal, screwdrivers, key for SIM tray removal are also included.14 piece tool kit picture
Kaisi 16-Piece Precision Screwdriver SetThis is a great starter kit for under $10. In addition to standard screwdriver tips and sizes, this set includes Torx screwdrivers for those rare screw sets. It also includes a couple "guitar-pick" style pry tools that will help you keep from marring your device. While it's not a fancy kit, it will be enough for small one-time repairs. Some of the pry tools may not hold up to repeated use, but it should be sturdy enough for a quick fix.kaisi 16 piece tool set
Zacro 18 in 1 Professional Opening Pry Tool Repair KitThis kit is focused more on the opening of your device. It includes a wide array of pry tools and spudgers. Two tools set it apart from other kits, in that it includes a metal, double-ended pry tool and a very small razor knifezacro 18 piece set
E-PRANCE 17 in 1 Repair Disassemble Toolkit for iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S / iPhone 5 iPhone 6 iPhone 6 Plus / iPad Air iPad mini / Samsung / Nokia / Apple iMac Retina Macbook ProFor iPhones, Nokia smartphones and Android phones, this is a well-rated generic tool kit at a low price. It includes a suction cup, small screwdrivers, guitar-pick size pry tools and spudgerseprance tool kit 17 pieces

Tablet Repair Tools Under $20

These are a little nicer than the sub-$10 sets and would be a good choice if you help friends out with their repairs.

Floureon 38-piece Precision Screwdriver Set Repair Tool Kit for iPad, iPhone, PC, Watch, Samsung and Other Smartphone Tablet Computer Electronic Devices38-piece tool set that includes a carrying case. Screwdrivers have rubberized grips and strong magnetic tips to make sure you don't lose those tiny screws. The precision Torx bits are great for other device repair too.floureon 38 piece tool set
Jellas 23 in 1 iPhone Repair Kit Professional Precision Magnetic Screwdriver SetAt just barely over $10, this set is a pretty good deal. It includes screen a cleaning cloth, and slightly magnetized screwdrivers with rubberized handles.Jellas 23 piece tool kit

Professional Tablet Repair Tools and Kits

These tools and sets are more expensive and are meant for repeated use by a pro who needs a higher quality of repair tool.

iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit 70 pcsHere is the absolute best in toolkits for repairing smartphones and tablets. If you are considering providing repair as a service for others, CHECK OUT THIS KIT. In addition to standard screwdriver tips, this set also has hard-to-find tips for specialized hardware. It also includes a suction cup for lifting touch screens from devices.70 piece repair tool kit
High Performance Pro Tech Repair Business Toolkit for Cell Phones, iPhones, Smart Phones, Tablets, Laptops, Computers, Games, and Electronics Over 125 pieces in this huge tool kit. This kit includes the bits specialized for Apple devices in addition to an anti-static work mat and wrist strap. Carrying shoulder bag is also included.huge tool kit

To remove the screens from many tablets and phones, you will need a good heat source. This heat gun is less than $25 and ships free with Amazon Prime.heatgun picture

Wagner 0503008 HT 1000 1,200-watt Heat Gun

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    ASUS tf300t charges but screen doesn’t light up when I press the power button.

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    I bought 2 voyager7′ tablets for Christmas. one does not charge. the other does not hold charge. I was told to contact code 5502 we need these fixed.


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