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Nexus 7 Repair

If you are looking for advice on Google Nexus 7 repair, you’ve found the right site! The Nexus 7 is the latest tablet produced by Google and over it’s lifetime, it will need servicing.

Nexus 7 repair isn’t expensive, but can it can be a complicated do-it-yourself task. We’re assembling a repair manual for the Nexus 7, so when your Nexus 7 needs servicing, the steps needed to repair it will be available… for free!

The Nexus 7 runs on the latest iteration of the Android OS and was produced in 2012 by Google. Some speculate that it will be the device that ties all of your google products into one easy-to access device. Others think it may open new privacy concerns as your data will be easier for Google to access, albeit anonymously.

How to replace the Nexus 7 screen and digitizer

How to repair the Nexus 7 charging port

22 Responses to “Nexus 7 Repair”

  • al konetzni says:

    I dropped and broke the screen on my Nexus 7 tablet and would like to get it repaired.


  • Steve says:

    Need to get mini usb port repaired. Hit ground while charging and now bent, loose and won’t charge.

  • Agustina Vazquez says:

    I purchased a nexus google tablets from Amazon, not nitocong there was a crack on the screen. here can I go to get this fixed in my area? and how much would something cost?

  • Mike harrison says:

    How much to replace screen on nexus 7 32 gb ?
    Daughter has stood on tablet , cracked screen , only. 2 months old.

  • JOHN CARSTON says:


  • T Sweeney says:

    My 10 year old son accidently slipped while using his tabletx he now has a large crack accross the screenz is ther anywhere we can send it for repair ? also how much would this cost ?

  • lisa peace says:

    Hi after a price for repairinf nexus google tablet. the screen has smashd and tablet iz not workinf. needs a replacement glasd front screen.

  • Charles A Burnside Jr says:

    Unit will not charge. Has not been dropped

  • Gary Sutherlin says:

    Google Nexus 7 died. Need info to get it repaired.

  • Jesus Anaya says:

    Screen broken
    Digitizer not responding
    How much will it cost the repair?

  • Wilfredo Gonzalez says:

    Screen broken. Do you know a place for repair my nexus 7 at a good price. Thank you…

  • David cater says:

    Need to replace screen were can I do this in evansville in

  • Karen Vestal says:

    I had my Nexus tablet 7 in a case and it dropped and broke the screen . I got as a gift and found out later that the person paid for the warrenty repair . I took it to a computer repair place before nowing it had the warrenty. It was going to cost almost what a new one would cost. I need to find someone local that could repair it. I live in Ga. Thanks

  • Ian Orlando says:

    I turned on my Nexus 7 tablet & it’s froze on the screen that just says “Google”. I tried going into recovery mode & another screen pops up saying “no command”! How do I fix this??????

  • Joseph Drayton says:

    I dropped my Nexus 7 and now it will not follow the commands when the screen is touched. The screen is also broken. I need to get it fix.

  • Dom says:

    I need to get mini a usb port repaired.It won’t charge or turn on anymore.It feels loose.No charger will charge it.I had a white battery light before it went off last.Is that a weak battery? also or weak port?

  • my nextus pad wont turn on or charge

  • elizabeth says:

    How can I get my Nexus 7 tablet to start. Dropped it from coffee table, used it, shut it down. Could not restart it. Tried holding down on button for 10 seconds and both buttons for 10 seconds, now I have it plugged into computer but lost web site that was giving me directions.
    Can you help?

  • Margaret says:

    I purchased a Nexus 7 tablet in December. The charging port on the side of the device is broken. The inside little mechanisms have apparently come out and now unit will not charge. Please advise if you do this type of repair. (I have done nothing to injure the inside of the port…it just would not fit with the charger and Best Buy told me the prongs on the inside came out…I definitely never mishandled this unit)


  • andrea says:

    I have a broken pin in the mini USB port. Can it be repaired?

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