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  1. I’m experiencing the very same issue. Same tablet, also bought it for a family member; I basically keep it maintained for them. Everything was fine at first, but after a few weeks, I’m noticing power saver/monitor apps as well, and since last night it started redirecting the browser to gotoamazing.com.

    The difference comes in after the Malwarebytes scan: no issues are found, even after I restart the device and scan it again as you did. Is there anything else I can do? You mentioned the Android browser not actually being the browser and referred to a few specific file locations, but I’m not sure if I can do that or if the malware is in the same location.

    • Try using the on-click root app I mentioned in the article, then re-scanning with Malwarebytes to see if the rogue apps are detected. The .apk files had to be removed with Total Commander after the rooting anyway as the system partition is mounted as read only.

      • Update: I managed to remove the offending files, I think. This was the first time I had rooted a tablet, so it was something to learn. I used the method & tools you listed. After scanning again with Malwarebytes, it showed three files, two of which were the same ones you mentioned. I removed all three and it seems to be working normally so far… no more browser hijacking yet. But I’m skeptical.

        Really hoping it doesn’t install anything else from here on. I left a one-star review on their Amazon page after this ordeal. Maybe I should try to get that free gift they offered with that slip of paper in the package…though you have to show them your review, so they may not appreciate mine. 😉

        I guarantee they include that offer to offset the terrible reviews they get from this type of stuff.

  2. After about 2 1/2 weeks my X10 starting installing apps on its own although my security software quickly removed them. I wasn’t to concerned at first till malwarebytes found issues in the system folder same as you. If I was outside my return window I’d just root the tablet and remove them but I’m getting my money back and buying something nicer from a reputable brand. What’s sickening is that the malware seems to be dormant for the first few weeks as if to wait till outside the return window. Which makes me think that the seller intentionally put it there to offset the cost plus the high return rate. Who knows how much ad revenue they could be pulling in but I’m just speculating at this point

  3. I’m not sure what the benefit is with this type of Malware, no one is buying anything from gotoamazing.com all it serves to do is to make people mad! Or am I somehow missing the point. Surely if their ‘products and services were any good they would not need to literally force people onto their website and if sponsorship revenue is their aim then I still don’t get it, cos I and I hope the rest of the world ain’t buying nothing from anyone who has anything to to with these people and their website.

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