How to Replace a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7″ Screen

By | April 18, 2014

Here’s how to replace the screen on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7″ tablet.
You will need a few small repair tools to accomplish this.

1. a small phillips screwdriver
2. a plastic pry tool
3. fresh adhesive strips
4. a heat gun (best)
5. a small flat blade screwdriver

First, make sure the device is fully powered down, then remove the microsd card from its slot. Then, with the pry tool, carefully remove the back cover. Gently use the tool to press in on the seam along the bottom near the charge port. working your way to the corner. These clips can be stubborn, so be sure to take your time so they are not accidentally broken. Slide the tool along the seam applying light pressure. Work to one corner then up that side, then repeat on the other side of the usb charging port.

Be careful around buttons as the plastic is weaker in that area. Once the back cover is removed, lay it to the side for the remainder of the project.

Carefully disconnect the multicolored battery cable(pictured at right). battery ribbonNext there are six screws holding the battery in place. They’re highlighted in the picture at the left. battery screws highlightedRemove them and store them safely for later when you
put it back together. One thing that’s helpful about this tablet is that all the screws are the same size, so you don’t ave
to worry about which screw is used in each hole.

As soon as you get the screws out, you can remove the battery.
Next, there are twelve screws that need to be removed. These screws hold the speakers, and motherboard in place. They’re marked in this picture.

There are eight connectors that need to be disconnected at this point. They are marked in this picture.  The two lower connectors are for the speakers and te speakers can be removed after these are disconnected. To disconnect them, just place the end of your pry tool under the connector where it meets the board and gently pry it off the board. They pop off easily.

After disconnecting the cables, gently lift the motherboard off the device.
You will then have one more button connector to disconnect on the edge where your buttons are. It is very small, but can be popped off with a small flat head screwdriver.  button connector imageThis cable is attached with adhesive its whole length. Be careful as you remove it, you don’t want to accidentally scratch or break it.

Next, lift out the camera and ribbon cable near the top (highlighted in a previous picture) There are then two spacers shown here that can be popped out with a little pressure from your pry tool. Then the front cable is accessible and easily removed.

The remaining sensor cable, mic and headphone jack can then be removed. be careful with the small rubber grommet on the jack, take your time as it is held in with adhesive.
All of the components should then be completely removed from the device, next we will take off the screen.

Flip the device so the screen is facing up. Use a hairdryer on mediumm heat, about an inch or two from the screen Slowly work around the outer edge, heating it evenly so the screen adhesive will loosen. It will take 45sec to a minute to get it warm enough.

After it is heated, use your plastic pry tool to carefully pry the screen off the frame. Begin at a corner and work your way down each side.You can also press on the screen from the back through a now-empty camera hole, since the camera was removed earlier.If your screen is cracked, be careful not to get a shard of its glass into your hand or fingers. The adhesive is very stuboorn and will not release easily.

After it is removed, you can remove the lcd screen (if needed) by pressing lightly on the back of it and sliding its connectorthrough.

Now that your screen is removed, you can replace it and re-assemble the tablet in reverse order.

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