How to Fix the Nexus 7 charging port

By | April 17, 2014

Here are the instructions to replace the usb charging port on a 2013 Nexus 7 tablet. The parts are different on a 2012 version, so don’t use these instructions for that model. (replacement charging port part links at the bottom of this post)

To start, slide your fingernail along the edge of the case, to pry off the back of the tablet.
If you are unable to get it off with a fingernail, use a plastic pry tool.

Start on ones side, work your way up the side, then across the top. most of the catch points are located near the usb charging port, so it will be hardest to separate there.  Pull the back away carefully, there are no wires attached to it, so just set it aside until the repair is completed.

You’ll see the screw locations in the picture to the right. nexus 7 screwsThe dark red arrow indicates a hidden screw that you’ll need to remove a VOID sticker to see. Remove the screws, use a styrofoam egg tray to keep them organized, or draw diagram of the device on a sheet of paper and tape each screw in the correct location on the diagram so you’ll know where it goes.

Next, disconnect the speaker, its a small white connector pictured at the right.
Right next to the speaker plug, you’ll see a wide thin, silver ribbon cable. nexus 7 speaker cableYou’ll
need to flip up the lip on it, carefully working your way across the connector with a plastic pry tool.  Then gently slide it out. To remove the two smaller ribbon cables, gently pull up the tape covering them, flip the lips up on their connectors, then slide a small screwdriver or tip of a set of tweezers under them and gently raise it, causing the ribbons to slide out of their connectors.

The charging board can then be lifted off the assembly and replaced.

If you are adventurous, you can de-solder and replace only the connector on the board.

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5 thoughts on “How to Fix the Nexus 7 charging port

  1. lesley howard

    I need to replace the usb port of my daughters google nexus 7 and I am struggling.
    if I cannot find one if I get a nexus 7 dock does this not use the same hub to charge the battery?

  2. Neal Anglin

    My Nexus charging port has failed as well. Where or who, in the Madison Wisconsin area, can repair such an item.

  3. John Rolfe

    I Need the ‘Charging port’ for the Nexus 7. Place of purchase does not appear here anywhere . Where can I purchase it and $.????


    I need to repair my charging port for a Nexus 7.

    Any suggestions?


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