X10 Airpad 10 update Android OS

By | August 10, 2012

The X10 Airpad 10 appears to be a rebranded¬† Zenithink tablet with a 10″ screen.¬† Each Airpad model has its own Android image from X10, but the Zenithink images seem to work just fine.zenithink airpad image

While the Airpad doesn’t include the Android app store on it, you can install the Zt280 image onto the tablet and get access to Google’s Android app store. To download the latest firmware image for the Airpad, you’ll need to get it from Zenithink’s site. I had to register to get access to the downloads, but I got it without any problems.

The C91 edition of Android OS 2.3 worked, although I had to place the contents of the ZT280 folder in the root of my USB drive for the image to be recognized.

I’ll be posting a step by step upgrade shortly.

The step by step how to is right over here at how to upgrade an AirpadX to Android ICS.

2 thoughts on “X10 Airpad 10 update Android OS

  1. William Hamiltron

    I have a Android 7″ tablet, when I turn it on all it will do is the little android moved back and forth. I tried to install a new flash drive but no luck, cannot get to the hard drive..any help!!!!

  2. Diedre Case

    I’m looking for a charger for my airpad. It’s the 10 inch screen one.


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