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By | August 13, 2012

Apple devices are targeted by thieves daily. Here’s how to boost your iPad security and prevent thieves from stealing the data on your iPad

Everyone knows you can enable a passcode on your iPad, but here are few simple steps you can take to increase the complexity of the security and prevent a thief’s access to your information.

1. Obviously, enable a passcode lock on your iPad tablet.ipad security screen
Under Settings (the icon with grey gears), select General, then Passcode Lock

2. Make your IOS Passcode complex.
By default iPad security passcodes are limited to 4 digits. To make it more complex, turn Simple Passcode off, in the same panel. Then set your passcode to six characters.

3. Turn Erase Data on (in the same panel).
This automatically wipes your device after 10 failed attempts with an incorrect passcode.

4. Minimize the window of unsecured access
Shorten the autolock, and “require passcode” period, also under the General settings. This minimizes the amount of time your iPad/iPod/iPhone is unlocked while not being used, so even if you put it down after checking your email, it will lock on its own.

With these options enabled, even the DOJ would have a hard time getting access to your data, as Apple doesn’t retain the encryption key specific to your device. These iPad security tips also work on iPhones, and iPod Touch units as well.

Don’t expect this to work against the mafia, however, as they typically resort to rubber-hose cryptanalysis.

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