ipad encrypted email

By | August 15, 2012

If you’ve secured your iPad using a passcode, and set it to autolock, there is one more way to help secure your information on an iPad; encrypted email.

Email is notoriously easy to intercept and read without any special tools. One way to prevent this is to encrypt your email before it is sent and enable the recipient to decrypt it using a secret password. foxygram picture

A free tool called Foxygram is the best I’ve found to do this. Not only can you encrypt text and your attachments, you can also set expiry times on the messages you send. The entire message and attachments can be set to “self-destruct” on a given time and date after which they’ll be completely gone. Everything in the app is built around privacy, from the picture protection (which prevents screenshots from grabbing the entire screen), to the data vault that protects anything you do inside the app from prying eyes.

According to Foxygram, any iPad encrypted email you send does not get stored on their servers, and is protected using military grade encryption. Before using Foxygram, be sure to read our initial article on iPad security.

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