MiniKeepass not syncing with Dropbox on iPad

By | May 20, 2012

I’ve used Keepass for a while now on a PC. It’s great for storing your passwords and other important information securely.

Not all tablet repairs involve hardware, some are software-based. Here’s a way to fix the sync problem with DropBox and MiniKeepass.

Since Keepass allows encryption, and has a flexible structure for information storage, it’s a great tool. There are versions available for the iPad / iPhone as well, called MiniKeepass.

picture of minikeepass screen

When used with Dropbox on your tablet, it’s even more powerful. You can keep your passwords and information securely synced between your PCs, tablets and smartphone.

I’ve found one glitch when using Keepass with Dropbox and here’s how to resolve it, should your tablet have the same problem.

When you edit your keepass database on your smartphone or PC, your iPad tablet may not seem to show the updated information. Even if you re-upload it from another device, then attempt to open it on your tablet, the old data appears. This doesn’t seem to be a problem with MiniKeepass, but with DropBox. The database file MiniKeepass uses is getting synced, but Keepass doesn’t seem to recognize it.

To resolve it, open any other file with DropBox, then open your password database with MiniKeepass. You’ll then see your new data. Since you have to open a different file with Dropbox on your tablet first to get it to work, that’s why I think it’s an anomaly with the way DropBox synchronizes.

4 thoughts on “MiniKeepass not syncing with Dropbox on iPad

  1. Edwin Fine

    Thank you – this was driving me crazy! I hope Dropbox fixes their iPad app quickly.

  2. Sean

    Thanks for the info. I was having the same issue and was using a fake keepass file to open, close, and then reopen the real file using Dropbox. It’s quite cumbersome to say the least, but it works, as would opening any father file in Dropbox. I’m also hoping this is fixed by Dropbox in the near future, even a simple refresh button would suffice, because I’ve been stuck with old Keepass databases and no where near my host PC.


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