How I Repaired my Cracked iPad Screen

I’ve had an 4th Generation iPad since the year they were released. It has always worked well and I’ve been pleased with its longevity. Well, last month, something tapped the corner of my screen a little too hard.

I found the best tablet for kids!

As the father of four children, I know how expensive tablets can be. The time had come to find a tablet for my children, and I wanted the best tablet for kids that was also affordable. My wife and I each own an iPad and my sons are constantly wanting to use them to play… Read More »

INSTAX Instant Film

INSTAX Instant Film is made for the Fuji INSTAX series of instant cameras. There are several different “flavors” of the camera, however, so be sure to choose the correct film format. INSTAX cameras produce and print instant pictures just like the old cameras your parents used! Camera products are coming full circle as people realize… Read More »

android browser hijack

I recently purchased a Dragon Touch X10 for a family member. Two weeks later, any web browser installed had its homepage redirected to . I started looking into the culprit and here’s what I found.

How to Fix the Nexus 7 charging port

Here are the instructions to replace the usb charging port on a 2013 Nexus 7 tablet. The parts are different on a 2012 version, so don’t use these instructions for that model. (replacement charging port part links at the bottom of this post)

How to replace a Nexus 7 Screen

Although the parts are small, and it takes a little bit of time to complete, you can replace the digitizer and screen assembly for your Nexus 7 without much trouble. To begin, you will need to be sure you ordered the correct screen assembly.

Hack Amazon FireTV

The Amazon FireTV box is a small streaming box with a quad-core processor, dedicated GPU, 2 GB of memory, and dual-band, dual-antenna Wi-Fi. Not only does it stream video, but it also is aimed squarely at gamers. Here you can post your latest hack for the streaming box. It’s Android-based and pretty much a Kindle… Read More »